How it Started
In the Spring of 2016, I worked on an Instagram project turning photos of random people from the internet into vectorized portraits upon request. 
Arjhun Swaminathan, a young student from India, connected with me through the platform, with the final project eventually resulting this:
I then featured his image, he said thanks, and we parted ways.
Or at least, that's what I thought.
Six months later, I hear from Arjhun about an educational organization dubbed School of Science that he and his colleagues were pursuing with the goal of reshaping the outlook of science for students all around India. 
Of course, I was ecstatic to be part of such a noble pursuit (after all, design is my superpower - and it's how I save the world). 

What We've Done
His team and I have collaborated and shared countless ideas and life stories since, spurring these projects and more:
We continue to partner today in whatever way that benefits us both. I one day plan to visit Arjhun and his team in India.

More Projects

Killerspin Magento 2 UI & UX Design
Tournament-grade table tennis brand, Killerspin, partners with Engine23 to set the standards of online presence in their industry ever higher.
Beads of Cambay's Custom eCommerce Storefront
We design a specialized site architecture to create a meaningful customer experience out of hundreds of product categories with specialized gem cuts and styles.
Fountain Creek Week Cleanup
Community leaders come together with the goal of educating and engaging people of all ages about the importance of local waterways.
High Mountain Hay Fever Festival Shirt & Poster Design
Award-winning poster and t-shirt design for one of the most beautiful musical celebrations held in Westcliffe, CO.
PPCC Sustainability Marketing & Design
Pikes Peak Community College is the first in the Colorado Community College System to fund an Office of Sustainability. It carries the daunting task of setting an example for the rest of the state to follow.
Project Socrates | Advice to your 21 year-old self
I ask people for a piece of advice that they would give to their 21-year-old selves and compile their answers for a priceless collection of wisdom.
Startup: Bahuka
An academic assessment tool that matches students with professors who best fit their learning style.
Marketing 360® UX Leadership
Marketing 360® synthesizes essential tools for entrepreneurs, such as a CRM, scheduling capabilities, ad management, lead nurturing, and much more into one powerhouse of a suite.
Go Code Colorado 2017
Americans donated billions to charities in 2016. This project proposes a tool that matches philanthropists with the most qualified organizations who share their values.
Madwire® & Marketing 360® Client Projects
A collection of custom websites, infographics, sales funnel audits, advertisements, and all else digital marketing for various SMB partners during my time with Madwire® and Marketing 360®.
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