My Role
As the Director of User Experience, I led a design team of 4. I trained junior to mid-level designers on UI/UX practices such as basic human-computer interaction principles, user testing, and market research. I also actively produced and tested prototypes
Our team collaborated with the Frontend Engineering team to create and begin implementing a design system across the organization. Madwire® was a marketing agency for the first decade of its life, and it needed a sustainable way to scale its new suite of products. As the team grew, it was clear that casual sign-offs on design comps would inevitably lead to far-reaching inconsistencies throughout the projects. Using Adobe XD and Storybook, we built up a library of design and frontend components, complete with explicit documentation on usage and component properties. The benefits were apparent: Faster design turnaround, higher consistency, and more velocity for the frontend team.
Lastly, I co-led a product management team of 5. I worked with our product managers in shaping feature requests into tangible user flows and wireframes. 
Other responsibilities such as guiding the development of the marketing website, helping the branding team produce a company style guide, and producing assets for investor decks are also part of what makes it an incredibly fulfilling position.

Facilitating a Product Team retrospective

Madwire's Research and Development team

More Projects

Beads of Cambay's Custom eCommerce Storefront
We design a specialized site architecture to create a meaningful customer experience out of hundreds of product categories with specialized gem cuts and styles.
Go Code Colorado 2017
Americans donated billions to charities in 2016. This project proposes a tool that matches philanthropists with the most qualified organizations who share their values.
Killerspin Magento 2 UI & UX Design
Tournament-grade table tennis brand, Killerspin, partners with Engine23 to set the standards of online presence in their industry ever higher.
Startup: Bahuka
An academic assessment tool that matches students with professors who best fit their learning style.
School of Science Branding & Design
A partnership (and eventual friendship) with a group of young, passionate entrepreneurs driven to change educational expectations in India.
High Mountain Hay Fever Festival Shirt & Poster Design
Award-winning poster and t-shirt design for one of the most beautiful musical celebrations held in Westcliffe, CO.
Project Socrates | Advice to your 21 year-old self
I ask people for a piece of advice that they would give to their 21-year-old selves and compile their answers for a priceless collection of wisdom.
Fountain Creek Week Cleanup
Community leaders come together with the goal of educating and engaging people of all ages about the importance of local waterways.
PPCC Sustainability Marketing & Design
Pikes Peak Community College is the first in the Colorado Community College System to fund an Office of Sustainability. It carries the daunting task of setting an example for the rest of the state to follow.
Madwire® & Marketing 360® Client Projects
A collection of custom websites, infographics, sales funnel audits, advertisements, and all else digital marketing for various SMB partners during my time with Madwire® and Marketing 360®.
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