The Mindset
To take full advantage of Killerspin's status, the redesign incorporates elements that highlights the brand's social momentum on top of extensive data and analytics research to optimize the experience throughout its sales funnels.
Original Killerspin Design (Left) vs the Magento 2 redesign (right):
Design & Implementation
Although it is yet to be implemented as of 2018, the final product is a user experience that bested Killerspin's competitors. Here's a collection of page designs that was included in the final round of revisions.
Reinventing the Product Page
To improve product page revenue per visitor and reduce cart abandonment, the design was equipped with a number of package upsell opportunities and email capture nets.

More Projects

Madwire® & Marketing 360® Client Projects
A collection of custom websites, infographics, sales funnel audits, advertisements, and all else digital marketing for various SMB partners during my time with Madwire® and Marketing 360®.
Marketing 360® Product Design Leadership
Marketing 360® synthesizes essential tools for entrepreneurs, such as a CRM, a website builder, scheduling, ad management, lead nurturing, and much more into one powerhouse of a suite.
Fountain Creek Week Cleanup
Community leaders come together with the goal of educating and engaging people of all ages about the importance of local waterways.
PPCC Sustainability Marketing & Design
Pikes Peak Community College is the first in the Colorado Community College System to fund an Office of Sustainability. It carries the daunting task of setting an example for the rest of the state to follow.
Startup: Bahuka
An academic assessment tool that matches students with professors who best fit their learning style.
Beads of Cambay's Custom eCommerce Storefront
We design a specialized site architecture to create a meaningful customer experience out of hundreds of product categories with specialized gem cuts and styles.
Go Code Colorado 2017
Americans donated billions to charities in 2016. This project proposes a tool that matches philanthropists with the most qualified organizations who share their values.
School of Science Branding & Design
A partnership (and eventual friendship) with a group of young, passionate entrepreneurs driven to change educational expectations in India.
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