The Gist
For Go Code Colorado 2017, I worked with a team who identified a hole in the capitalization of the billions of dollars that are donated by Americans each year. Most of us met each other on a Friday evening, and we came out with a minimally lovable prototype by Sunday.
The Product
By utilizing publicly accessible data about all of the non-profits in Colorado (and eventually the US), the idea was to create a product that indexes a philanthropist's values and goals, and cross-reference this information with the most qualified organizations that could best appropriate donations.
The prototype was aptly named "Sector 4"
The following is an interactive lite demo of the app we designed over challenge weekend.
Interactive Prototype
The interactive prototype can also be opened in another window using this link.
A collection of screenshots from the prototype produced within the weekend.
Slide Deck
This was the slide deck that our team used to present to the judges.

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