Hey there! I'm Jerimie.
I'm a designer specializing in product development and digital marketing. Currently, I'm working as a Senior Product Designer at Codecademy. I'm based out of Fort Collins, CO, USA.
My portfolio and resume are available upon request.
Let's talk! You can reach me at jerimie@hey.com.
Enjoying the cool afternoon breeze with my princess Bailey.
Enjoying the cool afternoon breeze with my princess Bailey.
Kayaking at Horsetooth Reservoir.
Kayaking at Horsetooth Reservoir.
Madwire's research and development team, dubbed "Swat".
Madwire's research and development team, dubbed "Swat".
Presenting our weekend project at GoCode Colorado 2017.
Presenting our weekend project at GoCode Colorado 2017.
Senior Product Designer at Codecademy, 2022-
Senior Product Designer at DispatchHealth, 2021-2022
Director of Product Design at Madwire, 2019-2021
Lead UX Designer at Madwire, 2018-2019
Web Designer at Madwire, 2017-2018
UX Designer at Engine23, 2016-2017
UX Certification from Nielsen Norman Group
BA in Design and Media Arts from Southern New Hampshire University
AAS in Graphic Design, and certificates in Photography and TV Production from Pikes Peak Community College
Influential Books
Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell: This book taught me about the fallibility of the human mind. Memory is unreliable. Implicit biases have tangible effects. Our brains are not perfect. I keep lessons from this book in mind throughout the design process. How can we create experiences that are clear and empowers people?
The Innovators by Walter Isaacson: Learning about the history of computers starting from Ada Lovelace in the 1800's and tracing the steps that led to the Information Age is fascinating. Great things don't happen overnight. It's built by passionate individuals, passing learnings from generation to generation. Let's appreciate that, and continue to carry the baton forward!
A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature's Deep Design by Frank Wilczek: This Nobel laureate explores recurring design patterns from the way leaves form to the geometry visible in magnetic fields and microscopic life. It's a reminder to myself that there's always more than meets the eye. There are details to obsess over even at the smallest scales. 
Favorite Design Feats
Winning a war with Christmas lights by Jose Miguel Sokoloff
Creating art with data by Aaron Koblin 
What People I've Worked With Have to Say
"Jerimie and I worked extensively alongside each other during our time at Madwire®, including our founding of the company's first design system. It provided a clear direction for the designers and engineers, strengthening our relationships while building products together. He has a keen eye for detail, while always keeping business goals in mind. His solutions, whether a specific design or drafting a new company initiative, were consistently built on a foundation of empathy, feedback, and collaboration. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and look forward to what he sets his sights on next." – Anson Lichtfuss / Web Engineer II, Spotify

"Jerimie is well on his way to being a part of the small group of elite designers and thought leaders of design that will evolve over the next decade. I've witnessed Jerimie measurably improve the performance of numerous interfaces and user experiences using his deep working knowledge of design theory, understanding of best design practices and standards, natural giftings of creativity and innovation, and talented translate layer skills. He possesses a natural curiosity and compassion for the world that consistently drives him to push the limits of what's currently accepted and pursue excellence in design and experience. I cannot recommend someone more adamantly and highly than Jerimie in the world of user experience design." – Dewey Rodgers / Executive VP of Marketing, The Perfect Workout

"Jerimie is thorough, engaging, professional and worked with our Committee to develop the perfect look. He also helped us with subsequent marketing efforts that really paid off. We have enjoyed working with him!" – Allison Plute / Watershed Project Manager, Colorado Springs Utilities

“Jerimie is an outstanding entrepreneur. His work ethic and enthusiasm is amazing. Every time he brought back designs or ideas for my company I was always blown away. We wouldn’t have gotten to where we are without his help. I would highly recommend him for any job – especially in design, marketing, and communication.”  Israel Lucero / Entrepreneur and CEO, Bahuka, Inc.

"He has a natural eye for good design and his UX/UI suggestions are always on point because he constantly keeps the customer's experience at the forefront of his mind. He's able to pivot with no warning gracefully and he's also extremely approachable as a coworker." – Amelia Winstead / Senior Software Engineer, BombBomb